Welcome bonus 1500 $/€ + 270 FS Get Bonus
Welcome bonus 1500 $/€ + 270 FS Get Bonus

Guide to the best live dealer casino

There is now a trend in online casino gaming, time gaming, that is on the rise. This is betting on live dealer games. Online live dealer play allows players to play live at the same table as if they were in a real casino. Just think that you will be playing with the dealer and other players at the same table and you have a chance to win. However, you are not in a real casino because you are actually at home or somewhere else. However, the experience is completely comparable to a real brick-and-mortar casino.

There are several casino games that are available to players for free without registration in a live casino. From the list of free games, let’s imagine, for example, poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, bingo, dice, free slots or lottery.

Ice live casino games

How to choose the best live casino?

As already mentioned, a whole range of online casinos is available and many of them also provide the possibility to bet and play live. For the player, it is of course a fundamental question, what is the best casino and what gambling games can be played on the online casino website, and this will probably also be the way in which they decide on a given live casino.

An important aspect is the already mentioned gambling license and legal operation on the market. Ice Live Dealer Casino offers live games and betting available without registration fees, casino bonuses or other added costs.

We mentioned above what types of games are usually available in live casinos. Casino games, and slots, these traditional games, however, can also have different variants. You can play European or French roulette. There are also different types of poker and blackjack games available. Therefore, it is a good idea to first study the site of the best online casino Ice and see which games you are interested in or which offer a welcome bonus.

Is it legal to play live in casinos with real money?

Live playing is completely legal, so you don’t have to worry about any problems or penalties, often just a few EUR minimum deposit is enough.

For your own safety, the number one policy is to always play only at licensed casinos that guarantee the safety of their players and their personal data. With a licensed and legal casino, you also don’t have to worry about solving possible discrepancies, or possible problems with your account, or other matters. Which, unfortunately, cannot always be expected from unlicensed companies.

What attracts players to live casino online?

Playing live dealer games is a social experience that appeals to many players. Not only do you have to communicate with the dealers, but you can also chat with other players at the table via the chat box. Basically, you are present in a virtual casino with other people from all over the country. So you can easily find friends with similar interests, like playing free slots and having fun.

Playing in a live casino also does not mean that you will sit and observe the dealer who is simply sitting in front of a web camera. Online casinos actually have online studios that will make you feel like you are in a real casino.

Most of these studios are highly modern and perfectly replicate a real land-based casino branch. There isn’t just one camera used during gameplay, as the studio’s cameras are strategically placed around the tables so players can enjoy different views. There is also a camera that focuses only on the dealer and another camera that captures the action on the table.

In live casinos today you can also bet on sports matches, such as classic and popular sports such as football, ice hockey or basketball, but also on motorsports or boxing matches. In addition, casino games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker, and sometimes also dice or bingo are available. Most players look to online live dealer games for the thrill of these games, but some also come for the wide range of bonuses on offer.

As casinos try to support the interest of players and especially newcomers to their sites, it is possible to observe the trend of offering generous casino bonuses without deposit and promotions, which often combine free spins and bonuses for playing in a classic casino, but also for playing live. It would be disadvantageous to leave out such bonuses, as they can often offer you a no deposit bonus, free play and options such as one game with the possibility of returning the full deposit from the game (up to a certain amount) in case you do not do well and lose, or for example, offers bets no risk and other bonus offers.

What makes live casinos so popular?

One of the main advantages of playing live dealer games like blackjack is that you get to see real people as the game dealers. However, it is not just anyone, as most live casinos employ beautiful and attractive women for this purpose, who wear elegant clothes and are very well-groomed.

These live dealers have been trained to be as friendly, cheerful and attractive as possible. Online casino owners use this strategy to attract more players and maintain their fan base. There is also no room for cheating or game manipulation with live games as the player is able to see the live game being dealt by a real person. For many players, this means safety and security.

What you should pay attention to when playing in a live casino?

One of the most exciting parts of gambling is being able to outwit your opponents. While online casinos have many advantages and disadvantages, they sometimes lack the competitive aspect. The same cannot be said for live dealer games. These games bring both the dramatic intensity of gambling and playing against your opponents, but also create the real gaming experience and competitive nature of play that you would expect in any casino.

Live dealer games also stimulate interaction with other players. You won’t be clicking buttons and getting computer-generated responses, but you’ll have a real person in the game talking, reacting, and acting with you. This makes the game much more interesting and action-packed.

Are the live casino games fair?

Live casinos, like the best online casinos and mobile casinos, are very well secured and also frequently checked, it’s not like scratch tickets that you buy somewhere. Players’ fear of possible fraud or irregularity of the games on the part of the casino is completely unfounded, as there is customer support for live games and the possibility of possible fraud is even more reduced. By virtually sitting at the table and watching a real person deal or lead the game, the scope for possible cheating or manipulation of the games, cards and other elements of the game is reduced. The cameras placed around the table and in the game studio are so numerous that you have an overview of the game from almost any angle, which makes the possibility of cheating on the part of the online casino even more impossible.

What games can you play in live casinos?

As they say, a casino without a roulette table is not a casino. Therefore, several types of table games are available in the offer of online casinos with live games, including roulette. Those who prefer tactics and more complex rules and games where you play not against the casino, but against other players, will certainly find available games and hobbies in live poker.

Blackjack and other live games can also be found on the market. Each casino has its own specific offer and you will often be surprised by the variety of games or bonuses that are prepared for these games. Do not hesitate and try to find what interests you in these available games:

Live dealer table casino games for everyone!

The great advantage of playing casino games in online casinos and live casinos is that players do not have to worry about their clothes and other aspects. In a real casino, you are expected to look a certain way and not everyone is comfortable with that look. In a live casino on the Internet, this problem completely disappears. You can play roulette, slot machines, blackjack, baccarat, or for example dice without any restrictions.

Live roulette in an online casino is practically the same as in a classic casino. After placing the bets, the dealer spins the wheel and the winnings determine where the ball will land. There are several types of blackjack in a live casino, and in most cases, you will find a classic seven-seat blackjack table. If you are a fan of baccarat then you will love live baccarat. This game has been popular for many years and players can also play at a multiplayer or single-player table. As for live poker, Live Three Card Poker, Live Casino Hold Em and Live Caribbean Stud Poker variants are popular.

Live game shows

If you are a fan of TV game shows, there is no doubt that you will enjoy live casino game shows while playing at online casinos. These flashy new titles will throw you right into the heart of the action as live TV-style presenters welcome you into their studios with open arms. A number of titles have become popular in the last few years, such as Monopoly Live, Deal or No Deal Live, Spin A Win, Dream Catcher and Lightning Dice.

Now you can also play live casino game shows at online casinos! These types of games are the latest technology coming out of live casinos. Live casino game shows provide players with the same excitement as real-life contestants on television. Every game feature stands out with graphics that could match any popular TV game show. Choose from popular board games like Monopoly Live or Deal or No Deal Live! This is just another of the advantages of playing in live casinos on the Internet. The United States is the market leader in this regard.

List of popular Live show games:

Payment methods for Live Casino

In modern online casinos, it is common for you to have a whole range of payment methods and options for withdrawing your winnings, as well as deposit methods. What you will probably find at all the best online casinos, which are also available on the market, are internet wallets. Internet wallets such as Skrill and Paysafecard are gaining popularity among online casino players and are very practical as you can use them not only for the purpose of playing live games in a live dealer casino.

Players will definitely like the option of transferring money to a bank account, using Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards. These options belong to the standard offer that is expected from any good live casino.

Popular developers of live casino games and their modern technology

There are of course several manufacturers and developers of online, mobile and live casino games in the online casino industry. You can find the most famous ones in every good casino and you may have already liked their games. The most popular developers at the same time include:

Playtech is currently one of the largest software providers on the market. The Playtech product portfolio is very broad and has more than 600 games on several channels. Of course, recently Playtech has also developed its own live casino.

Founded in 2006, Evolution Gaming has specialized in providing high-quality live gaming to players around the world. Live dealer games have grown in popularity in recent years. We have seen millions of players from all over the world flock to these games.

Microgaming was one of the first software providers to enter the online gaming market. The company has been developing online gambling games since 1994. Recently, Microgaming has been able to develop a number of innovations ahead of the competition, especially in the live casino industry.

Live casinos are perfectly adapted to the screen of your mobile device

A big advantage of playing online live casino games is that you can play them conveniently from your mobile phone. Today’s casino websites are customized to display on your smartphone without any problems or complications. This will definitely please anyone who likes to play in any environment and conditions.

For fans of modern technology, it is also good news that the best live casinos, even on the market, provide their players with a smartphone application. And that’s completely free. So you can simply open the app and start your live tournament or, for example, a game of poker, from anywhere.

What disadvantages can a live casino have?

Like any other online activity, live casinos can have their drawbacks.

Tips and tricks for live casino beginners

For those new to playing live casino games, we’ve prepared some tips to help you get started, which can be a bit confusing.

  1. Ensure a high-quality and stable Internet connection.
  2. Set a time and financial limit for playing.
  3. Know the rules of the games you are going to play.
  4. Don’t be afraid to use the bonuses that the casino offers.
  5. Notice the details during the game and interact with other players.
  6. Carefully read the terms and conditions for playing the live casino.
  7. Download the app for your mobile phone and stay connected from anywhere.

Final thoughts on live casino

As part of playing in online casinos, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on what’s new on the market and not be afraid to try it out. Try playing Ice Live Casino, which brings an unusual experience of the presence of a real dealer and other players, from the comfort of your home. Play with ease using your mobile phone and try to discover something new, such as live game shows or poker variants. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but above all, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy some adrenaline.


🌀 Do I need to register to play live casino games?

Yes, with Ice Live Casino you need to create a player account before you can play live games.

🌀 What are the differences between casino software providers?

There are major differences in the selection of games offered. For example, if you want to play in a casino with a live dealer, it is best to do so through gaming software that guarantees quality. It can be a niche provider like Evolution Gaming or one of the big providers like Microgaming. Other companies focus more on online slot machines or video poker.

🌀 Why are some game developers more popular than others?

Many big developers like Playtech or Microgaming have built a reputation as serious and innovative software producers. They often buy popular licenses for their slots or with larger investments and can release new and risky games that attract new players again and again.

🌀 How to choose the right live casino?

There are many online casinos on the market that provide live casino games. It may not be easy to decide, but it is good to remember that you can easily register with several casinos at once and decide gradually which casino you enjoy the most. Of course, the condition is always to stick to licensed casinos. For starters, you can try the best live casino [year] - Ice casino.

🌀 Are live casino games safe and fair?

As we pointed out in our article, live games provide zero room for cheating on the part of the casino and are of course completely legal. If you are concerned, you can read the regulations governing the terms and conditions of online casinos.